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Summer Dangers for Your Outdoor Cat

Summer is on the horizon, bringing the intense Florida heat with it. If you have an outdoor cat, you probably do the usual tick and flea prevention routine and then leave them to be independent in the summer sun. Most outdoor cats are able to...

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Helpful Tips for Traveling With Your Pet

Your pet is a part of your family. You like to take them wherever you go, including on vacation. Including your pet in your travel plans can take some steps to properly prepare. Here are some tips for traveling with your pet while ensuring that...

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Tips for First-Time Cat Owners

If you’re welcoming a new feline friend into your home for the first time there are some things that you’ll want to know. Once you’ve made the decision to get a new cat, the next step is to prepare. Even if you’ve had other pets before, there...

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How to Stop Bad Dog Behaviors

Are some of the things that your dog is doing making you feel frustrated? Dogs are unique creatures with their own emotions and habits and they might not always be on their best behavior. Some common bad dog behaviors that might require training...

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Treating Pets with Food Allergies

Pets can display symptoms of food allergies in a variety of ways. Food allergies may materialize in the form of a runny nose, watering eyes, or itchy skin. Some allergies might even come about due to the conditions of the Florida weather. Here are some...

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If Your Dog Has a Seizure

Generalized or grand mal seizures are the most common type of epileptic seizures that dogs can experience. These seizures are sudden attacks on a dog’s body leading to salivation, convulsions and spasms that can last a few seconds to a few minutes. Some of...

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Pet Dental Care Tips

Pets might not be as prone to cavities as humans but dental health is still an extremely important part of treating your pet’s overall health because dental problems can cause, or sometimes even be caused by, additional health concerns. Here are some pet...

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Spring Health Care Tips for Dogs in Florida

Spring is here! That means it’s time to say “goodbye” to winter and “hello” to more opportunities to spend quality time outside with your dog. Here are some spring health care tips for dogs in Palm Beach Florida to make sure that your pet is properly taken...

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How to Get Your Dog to Stop Begging for Food

How to Get Your Dog to Stop Begging for Food When your dog is just a puppy, that's the ideal time to train them that food begging is a no-no. However, most of us end up in the situation that a grown dog wasn't given those lessons. Follow the guide below to thwart a...

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How To Care For An English Bulldog

How to care for an English bulldog? If you are thinking of getting an English bulldog, here are some tips: To start, begin feeding your English bulldog with a balanced diet that is rich in meats and less on the grains. Some vegetables are okay. Provide plenty of...

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