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Animal Pain Awareness Month: Be Aware and Involved

The entire month of September is Animal Pain Awareness Month. Sponsored by the International Veterinary Academy of Pain Management (IVAPM), the goal is to educate pet owners about how to maintain their pet’s health and pain. By being informed, they can maintain the...

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National Pet Health Insurance Month

September is National Pet Health Insurance Month. Many pet owners are unaware that pet health insurance exists or don’t think it’s worth the costs. However, it's beneficial for pet owners to invest in, financially and for peace of mind. It’s impossible to predict a...

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Celebrate Happy Healthy Cat Month

The month of September is Happy Healthy Cat Month. This is the time to celebrate the lives of cats and remind cat owners to take steps to ensure their cats are happy and healthy. Happy Healthy Cat Month was created by the CATalyst Council. They aim to help educate and...

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Celebrate National Dog Day on August 26

August 26 is National Dog Day. National Dog Day is a day to celebrate every single dog, whether purebred or mixed. It’s also a day to acknowledge that there are many dogs that need to be rescued and adopted into loving homes.  National Dog Day shines a light on...

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National Bring Your Cat to the Vet Day

August 22nd marks National Bring Your Cat to the Vet Day. Providing your cat with efficient veterinary care is crucial to ensuring they live a long and healthy life. Here are some reasons why it’s important to take your cat to the vet regularly. Cats Age Quickly...

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National Check the Chip Day

August 15 is National Check the Chip Day for pet owners. The American Veterinary Medical Association and the American Animal Hospital Association created this day to remind pet owners about the importance of microchipping. It also serves as a reminder to keep the...

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National Immunization Awareness Month

August is National Immunization Awareness Month. National Immunization Awareness Month marks the time to remember how important it is to vaccinate your pets. Vaccinations increase your pet’s overall health and wellness and help them live longer and healthier lives....

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Celebrate National Mutt Day on July 31

July 31 is National Mutt Day! Occurring twice a year in July and again in December, it’s a day to embrace and celebrate dogs of multiple and mixed breeds. Mixed breed dogs live in shelters all across the country waiting to be adopted into a loving home. National Mutt...

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How to Stop Your Cat From Scratching Furniture

If you’re reading this article and you have a cat, chances are stopping your cat from scratching furniture is a problem you have to deal with. Here are some tips on how to stop this from happening. Why Do Cats Scratch Furniture?Cats scratching furniture is part of...

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How to Make Vet Trips Easier

Many pet owners have experienced the stress of taking their pet to the vet. A lot of dogs and cats get anxious about going to the vet which can make it difficult to want to schedule an appointment. Here are some things you can do to make vet trips easier for you and...

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