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Welcome to Regal Animal Hospital located in Lake Worth, FL. At Regal Animal Hospital we strive to provide exceptional veterinary care. We offer a wide range of preventative services to keep your pet happy & healthy—including immunizations, heartworm, flea & tick prevention, wellness visits, dental care, nutritional counseling, and behavioral training. We also offer boarding, diagnostic services, specialized care, and surgery for your pet. Whatever your needs, our team of professionals will always work closely with you to determine the most compassionate course of treatment for your pet. Contact us today for more information!

Regal Animal Hospital of Lake Worth, FL is committed to you and your furry, four-footed family member as well. At Regal we know that accidents and illnesses are never planned so, therefore, we are always available and ready to help with professional and compassionate care. We are a full-service animal hospital that services your medical emergencies, routine checkups, and appointments to keep your pet at their best physical and mental state. Regal Animal Hospital in Lake Worth, FL provides services that start with preventative and check-up care for young, healthy pets to detection and treatment of diseases as your pets begin to age. We are here for you from the beginning diagnosis, through the treatment, and any other problems that may arise while you are with us. We want to provide you with the highest quality care and most helpful veterinary advice and options.

It is our goal to provide individual attention to the concerns of each pet owner to create a content and stable life for your pet. We employ a staff that is dedicated to ensuring your pet's well-being and satisfy all of their health needs. We train our staff to the highest standards and latest procedures so they are up to date on the newest technology in veterinary care.

Your loved pet keeps you happy and healthy, so do the same for them by choosing regal animal hospital whenever an issue arises. We understand the special role and bond you and your pet share and we are dedicated to helping keep this relationship throughout your pet’s life. We aren’t satisfied unless you and your pet are comfortable and feel that you are in good hands with us and our staff. We always make time for your pet and promise to go above and beyond your expectations. We look forward to servicing you and your beloved animal! 

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Veterinarian Services in Lake Worth, FL

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Pet Boarding

We offer safe and comfortable boarding options for your dog or cat.  Whether your pet’s medical needs require an overnight stay, you desire to have an emergency care plan in place during sever weather, or you simply need accommodations while traveling. For your convenience, our Client Registration and Pet Boarding forms can be downloaded and completed prior to your pet’s stay.

Pet Preventive Medicine

Preventive Medicine for your pet is an important part of what we do at Regal Animal Hospital. Through physical examinations and routine testing (fecal, lab work, and heartworm tests), vaccinations and preventative care options (flea, tick and heartworm prevention or nutritional health counseling), we work with you to minimize as many health risks, illnesses, and problems as possible.

Pet Pharmacy

Regal Animal Hospital offers a full pharmacy to suit your pet’s preventative and disease management needs. Some of what we offer in our comprehensive pharmacy include antibiotics, heart disease control, pain management, parasite control, and vitamins & supplements. Stop in today and treat your pet right with the essential medicine for your happy and healthy pet.

Pet Diagnostics

Diagnostic testing is essential in identifying the source of injuries and illnesses. Should your pet need routine surgery or even advanced surgical procedures, you can take comfort in knowing that our facility is equipped with the latest diagnostic and surgical equipment. We utilize digital radiography, routine in-house lab testing, and advanced outside lab testing to properly diagnose your pet’s condition.

Pet Dental Care

At Regal Animal Hospital we can offer guidance for at-home maintenance care and routine dental cleanings, which can help prevent advanced dental disease (gingivitis, bone destruction, tooth loss) and other serious health problems. A healthy pet is a happy pet. Schedule a dental evaluation and cleaning for your pet today!

Wellness Care

Wellness is an extremely important practice in maintaining the health of your pet. On visits, your vet and nurses will take the time to discuss all relative information and address any questions you may have. To help achieve this we recommend routine physical examinations (which should be performed twice yearly), exercise, disease screening, and more.

Surgical Procedure

At Regal Animal Hospital, we perform a wide variety of surgical procedures from routine spays, neuters and declaws to major soft tissue and orthopedic surgery. We use state of the art surgical and anesthesia equipment that allows us to continually monitor for safety during surgical procedures, and provide your pet with the best patient care possible.


Our goal in veterinary medicine is to maintain the quality of life for terminally ill and elderly animals. When this is no longer possible, we can humanely relieve an animal from unnecessary suffering. When it is time to say goodbye, we aim to support your needs, from managing pain to counseling. We hope to make a difficult time easy on you and your pet as possible.

And Much More...

  • Pet nutrition and weight management
  • Animal training consultations
  • Health certificates for pet travel
  • Consultation

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Veterinarian Reviews

Wonderful experience! No place like it! Immediately greeted by an employee, offered coffee, bottled water a snack (for Lulu and I) – which was perfect coming straight from work. The facilities, professionalism, cleanliness, and service were nothing I had experienced anywhere else. Dr. John’s calmness and friendliness were very comforting to my little Morkie, Lulu. Upon checking out, I thought for sure this experience was going to be costly for Lulu and I, the fanciness of the place, the service, the snacks. I was VERY wrong. It was the least I have ever spent on an office visit in South Florida in all of Lulu’s seven years


Can’t say enough about this great stuff. Dr. Joyce and his team have assisted my family and our four-legged friends through a lot of ups and downs. if you’re looking for one of those doctors, that practices medicine and treat his patients with kindness and respect. This is your guy! Every patient and every situation is treated the same with the upmost of importance and care. I am glad he’s young, because I plan to stay with dr. Joyce and his team until he retires


We’ve only had one visit at Regal but it was above and beyond so I feel it is worth a review. We were late and they got us (and our 2 hyper dogs) in with no wait. From the woman at the front desk to the tech, and extra props to Dr. Joyce, we left there knowing switching vets was the best decision for us, our pups, and our wallets! To top it off, Dr. Joyce reached out to us personally to follow-up. Thanks Regal!!



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