Ear care is an important part of dog grooming. Dog ears are at risk of exposure to dirt and bacteria that can lead to serious infections. In particular, dogs with long and droopy ears are more likely to experience ear problems and may require more frequent care.  Here are some tips and information to know for proper dog ear care.

Keep Up With Cleaning
The first step to proper dog ear care is to always make sure their ears are clean. In general, this is the best way to prevent infection. Use a cotton ball dipped in dog ear wash to gently clean outside and then inside the ear. Only go as far as you can see so you don’t damage the ears.

Keep Ears Dry
Wet ears are a main cause of ear disease. In other words, dry ears are healthy ears and an important part of dog ear care. Dry your dog’s ears thoroughly after a bath or if they’ve gone swimming. Talk to your vet about ear-drying solutions to eliminate any water that might be trapped.

Long hairs inside of ears is a resting place for ticks and fleas. Therefore, take your dog to the groomers regularly or learn how to properly cut them yourself. Dog ears are sensitive and can be difficult to clean. Incorrectly cleaning their ears can cause harmful damage. With this in mind, it’s best done by a professional.

Common Ear Problems
A common problem dog ears experience are ear mites. Ear mites are tiny insects that get inside a dog’s ear canal and feed on skin debris. Additionally, dog ears appearing red is a common ear infection sign. Be on the alert for bad smells and abscesses forming in or around ears. If your dog is constantly scratching their ear this is a common indication an infection might be present. If you notice redness or crusting outside of the ear, schedule a visit to the vet immediately. They can talk you through treatment options and help you find the best product to treat the infections quickly and efficiently.

The best dog ear tip is that prevention is key. In this case, clean their ears a few times a week to prevent issues from occurring. Keeping your dog healthy and well-groomed is the best way to keep them happy. Wellness is an important aspect of pet care. If you need any assistance, our experts at Regal will be there to answer any questions or concerns you have.