January is Walk Your Dog Month! Dogs require daily exercise and one of the best methods for staying active is with a daily walk. Even a short walk around the neighborhood is a great way to keep your dog healthy and happy. Here’s why it’s important to walk your dog and tips to make it fun.

Importance of Walking Your Dog

    • Your Dog’s Health: Exercise is an important part of your pet’s overall health and wellness. No matter the season, dogs need plenty of exercise to stay healthy and live long and active lives.
    • Biological Factors: Moving around a lot is part of a dog’s genetic code. When a dog doesn’t get enough exercise it leads to boredom and agitation, causing them to become hyper and exhibit negative behaviors such as excessive chewing, digging or scratching. Therefore, they must remain active at all stages of their life.
    • Pet and Owner Quality Time: Spending part of every day on a walk with your dog is a great way to bond and get closer with your pet. You’re incorporating your pet into a part of your routine, a great way to make sure you’re giving your pet the love and attention they deserve. 

Celebrating Walk Your Dog Month

    • Switch Things Up: Walking the same streets and seeing the same scenery day after day is boring for both you and your dog. Therefore, commit to changing up your walking route. Dogs need opportunities to discover new things and gain excitement in their life. Take your dog to a new place for their walk every once in a while to give them something new to explore.
    • Bring a Friend: Ask a friend to walk your dog with you. You’ll have someone to talk to and enjoy the day with. They can even help you stay motivated on days where you don’t want to walk your dog. It’s even better if they also have a dog so your pets connect and have company as well. 

January is a time of new beginnings and starting healthy habits. Start the year and Walk Your Dog Month off right by dedicating yourself to daily walks with your pet. Regal Animal Hospital is dedicated to the health of your pet. If you’re ever concerned about the health and wellness of your furry family member, schedule an appointment for quality care.