Are some of the things that your dog is doing making you feel frustrated? Dogs are unique creatures with their own emotions and habits and they might not always be on their best behavior. Some common bad dog behaviors that might require training can include jumping on people, chewing up objects, and begging for food. Here are some tips and solutions for dealing with some common bad dog behaviors.

Jumping on People
A common reason that dogs jump on people is to receive attention. Yelling at your dog is not the best way to correct this behavior. Pushing them off might give them the idea that you are trying to play. If you ignore your dog when they exhibit this behavior, they will see this as unwanted behavior and an unsuccessful way of getting attention.

Chewing Up Objects
It is natural for many dogs to go through a phase where they chew things up. This can be frustrating if they are constantly destroying things around the house. If you catch your dog with something in their mouth that shouldn’t be there, redirect their attention to a chew toy. You can then engage with your pet and demonstrate that they would have more fun with this item made for them.

Begging for Food
Puppy dog eyes might be cute, but begging for food is not appropriate behavior for your pet. If you give your dog food from your table when they beg, they will continue to repeat this behavior until they receive the reward once again. Instead of giving in to your dog’s begging, give them something to distract them that they can enjoy during mealtimes like a treat or their favorite toy.

There are right and wrong ways to correct bad dog behaviors. Never physically punish your dog. This will damage your relationship with your pet and can possibly make the problem worse. The key is to figure out the cause of the behavior and take steps to train them in a proper way. When your dog does exhibit the behavior that you want, reward them with a treat or affection. They will begin to associate the good behavior with a positive response and will begin acting in the correct way.

When training your dog, don’t give up over a few unsuccessful attempts. Some behaviors can be harder to correct than others and might require additional time. With patience and time, you can help get your pet through any bad dog behaviors.