October 26 is National Pit Bull Awareness Day. Created in 2007, this day appreciates the breed and educates owners and others on the stereotypes and perceptions surrounding these animals. Some people believe pit bulls to be a dangerous breed. However, they require and desire the same amount of love, affection and care of any other dogs.  If you have a pit bull or you’re considering adopting one, here are some tips on how to care for your pit bull.

One particular detail about pit bulls is that they’re traditionally an extremely energetic breed. They enjoy playing and being outside. However, they require more than a quick walk and bathroom break. Veterinarians recommend pit bulls receive at least 1 hour of exercise daily for releasing their energy. Without enough activity, they can exhibit negative  behaviors. 

How your pit bull acts depends largely on how they’re trained. When thinking about how to care for your pit bull, think about what and who they’re exposed to. Socialize your pit bull with others to get them used to being around other dogs, adults and children. A lot of those aggressive behaviors never materialize when they’re regularly interacting with animals and people. They’ll be more friendly and open with people and dogs they’re unfamiliar with. 


Another important aspect to care for a pit bull involves training. Teach your pit bull basic commands and rules that they’ll understand and follow when socializing with others. The pit bull breed is intelligent and obedient so proper training usually isn’t too difficult. The sooner you start, the better trained they’ll be. 


Proper healthcare is perhaps the most important factor for how to properly care for your pit bull. Make sure you feed them quality food  and enough water every day. Get them medical care and attention when they need it and keep up with their vaccination schedule. Pit bulls have delicate skin that’s prone to canine dermatitis and other conditions like pyoderma. Make sure they’re free of ticks and fleas and apply cosmetics on their dermis to prevent these conditions. Other common pit bull health issues include hip dysplasia, ichthyosis, congenital heart defects and heat sensitivity. If you’re ever concerned  about your pet’s health and behavior, bring them to a veterinarian near you. 

Caring for a pit bull requires a responsible and dedicated pet owner. However, the love and loyalty you receive back is well worth your time and effort. Regal Animal Hospital in Lake Worth, Florida, dedicates ourselves to the health and happiness of your pet. Schedule an appointment for exceptional veterinary care!