No pet owner wants to find out their beloved pet has cancer. However, unfortunately, many pets fall ill to the disease every year. Although it can be scary, here are some positive tips on how to care for a pet with cancer and help them stay as happy and comfortable as possible. 

Educate Yourself
The first step in caring for a pet with cancer is educating yourself on their condition. Learn about what they’re going through and how to recognize certain signs of pain or increased sickness. Familiarize yourself with the different medications they’ll take and their possible side effects. Arm yourself with knowledge to ensure your pet has the best chances of fighting the illness.

Change Your Pet’s Eating Habits
Proper health and nutrition is important for every pet. However, extreme diet changes might be needed to care for a pet with cancer. Make sure to make any necessary changes slowly to prevent your pet from becoming stressed or anxious.

Build Your Support System
Surround yourself with experts to provide you with advice and counseling on your pet’s condition. Find a veterinary oncologist that you trust and that your pet is comfortable around. They can also offer financial advice to help with the medical bills for your pet. 

Additionally, seek out emotional support. Find a group to share your thoughts with to help you through your grieving process. There are also many books, guides and online resources on what it’s like to have a pet with cancer to consult to provide you with solace and knowledge.

Try to Stay Positive and Focus On Your Pet
Try to focus on being happy and spending time with your pet even though it’s difficult. Pets, particularly dogs, are very in tune with their owner’s emotions. Try to have fun with your pet as much as possible and avoid projecting worry and sadness around them. Being surrounded with love and care helps diminish the feelings of fear, pain and suffering your pet might be experiencing.

November is Pet Cancer Awareness Month. It’s a reminder to pet owners that although it’s a very difficult time, there are things you can do as your pet’s caretaker and support system to help manage their illness At Regal Animal Hospital, we understand that your pet is a part of your family. Contact us today for support and information on how to care for your pet during this difficult time.