September is National Pet Health Insurance Month. Many pet owners are unaware that pet health insurance exists or don’t think it’s worth the costs. However, it’s beneficial for pet owners to invest in, financially and for peace of mind. It’s impossible to predict a pet experiencing a sudden illness or accident. You won’t know how many vet visits it’ll take to get your pet healthy again and the costs can add up. This month is intended to promote the benefits of pet health insurance, disprove the myths about coverage and bring awareness to its existence. 

Should I Get Pet Health Insurance?
Nobody wants to think about their pet becoming ill or getting injured. However, a large majority of pet owners are at risk of paying extremely high bills in cases of emergency veterinary visits. No pet owner wants to face the decision of turning down medical care for their pet because they’re unable to pay the bill. Pet insurance helps prevent heartbreak from happening. It may be stressful at first to add another monthly bill to your list but it’s  worth it in the long run. 

How Does Pet Health Insurance Work?
Pet health insurance covers veterinary costs associated with unexpected accidents, illness or diseases. Some pet owners worry that it doesn’t cover enough of the bill to justify paying the monthly cost. However, quality pet health insurance companies are known to reimburse owners up to 90 percent of the bill. This covers situations like surgery, emergency vet visits and accidents. 

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