For those who celebrate, Thanksgiving is a holiday that brings friends and family together. However, it comes with some hazards for pets. Here are some Thanksgiving pet safety tips to keep your pet healthy and safe during the holiday. 

Food Pet Safety
Thanksgiving food is often the star of the show. Although you may look forward to indulging, the feast should be kept away from your pets. 

  • Keep the turkey away-Fatty foods like turkey, and even turkey skin, are hard to digest and harmful to pets. They can cause a severe illness called pancreatitis. Make sure any scraps that make their way to the floor are cleaned up quickly.
  • No pie or desserts-Most good pet owners know chocolate is extremely dangerous to pets. Keep all sweets and desserts far out of reach of your pets.
  • Tie up the trash-Make sure all the Thanksgiving trash is tied up and secure and not easily accessible to your pets.

If you think your pet’s eaten something they shouldn’t have, contact your Florida veterinarians at Regal Animal Hospital immediately. 

Party Pet Safety Suggestions
If you’re the Thanksgiving host, plan ahead to keep your pet happy and safe during the festivities. Some pets are shy or easily excited around new people or large gatherings. If your pet usually gets nervous, put them in another room or in a crate with their favorite toy. This provides comfort and reduces the stress of your pet. Additionally, this can prevent possible harm to your  guests if your pet becomes upset. 

There are also pet safety measures to take if you’re planning on letting your pet roam free. Make sure you watch them closely or hold them when guests arrive or leave to prevent them from running  out. Additionally, watch them around decorations. Make sure they stay away from candles and any other decorations they could swallow and choke on.

Traveling and Your Pet
Whether you take your pets with you on your holiday travels or leave them at home, follow these travel pet safety tips.

  • Traveling by car-Pets should always be securely restrained in a harness or carrier. Additionally, make sure they’re out of the way of airbags. 
  • Boarding your pet- If you’re boarding your pet, make sure they’re up to date on all of their vaccinations.
  • Leaving them at home- If you’re planning for overnight travels, never leave your pet at home by themselves. Put them in the care of somebody you trust or make arrangements for somebody to stay with or check in on them. Provide whoever is caring for them with a list of notes and instructions and the contact information of your trusted veterinarian. 

Your pet is on the list of things you’re grateful for this year. Therefore, follow these pet safety tips to make sure they’re safe during the holiday. Contact us at Regal Animal Hospital with any questions or concerns.