When you travel, you can’t always bring your furry family member with you. Making housing accommodations for your pet while you’re away is a lot simpler when you prepare in advance. Here are some tips for boarding your pet so your pet is safe and comfortable.

Take a Tour and Check it Out
If you’re boarding somewhere new, visit in person. Check to make sure the facility is clean and safe. Get to know the staff to ensure you’re comfortable with them caring for your pet. Take down the name of anybody with direct contact with your pet in case there are any concerns. Your pet is your family so make sure you feel comfortable with where you’re sending them.

Know the Rules
Quality boarding facilities will have set rules and regulations that need to be followed before they will board your pet. Most insist that your pet is up to date on its vaccinations before it comes into contact with other animals. Check with your vet to make sure your pet has its inoculations. Give yourself enough time to set an appointment before you leave for your travels.

Ask for Specific Accommodations
Let the staff know if your pet requires any special care or accommodations. Make sure your pet receives its own kennel or if you’re boarding two pets, ask if they can be together. Many boarding facilities provide their own food so if your pet has dietary restrictions, make sure to pack enough food to last them the duration of their stay.

Set a Schedule
Nothing would be worse than going to pick up your pet and finding a “closed” sign on the door. Find out the hours for the boarding facility to make sure they fit with your travel schedule. Finally, make sure the drop-off and pick-up times match with when you need to board your flight or hit the road.

Prepare your Pet
Take steps to prepare your pet for entering a new environment. Try to send them with something familiar like a toy or blanket with your scent on them to help them feel more comfortable. Leaving your pet at the boarding facility can be as stressful for them as it is for you. Make them feel relaxed by staying calm and don’t stick around for too long.

There are many pet boarding options available in Florida and they all vary in the services and accommodations they offer. Take a look at Regal Animal Hospital’s pet boarding services on more tips for boarding your pet. Choose Regal and ensure your pet gets the very best care while you travel.