Cats are complex creatures. Dogs exhibit behaviors that most people can easily understand. However, figuring out cat behavior is a little more difficult. If your cat does things that confuse you, read on to learn about common cat behaviors and how to interpret them.


Leave a hissing cat alone. Hissing is a sign of unhappiness with something that is happening with your cat. They might be uncomfortable, afraid or upset. Therefore, if you don’t know the cause of their displeasure and can’t do anything to fix it, leave your cat alone until they’re calm.

Exposing their Belly

All cat behavior isn’t cause for concern. For example, when cats roll over and expose their belly, they’re usually looking for a belly rub. When a cat shows its belly they’re exposing their weakest area to you. Therefore, rolling over and exposing their belly is a sign of submission. 

Kneading their Paws

Some cats never get out of the habit of kneading their paws while others never start to begin with. This is simply a comforting cat behavior. 

Rubbing on People or Things

If your cat rubs their body on you, another person or an object this often means they feel possessive over that person or thing. When a cat rubs on something, they leave their pheromones behind. These pheromones are only detected by cats and once they’ve left their mark, you’re marked for life. 


Meowing is the main form of communication for cats. For example, cats meow when they want attention, when they’re hungry or when they want to play. Regardless of the reason, if your cat is meowing a lot, take some time to figure out what they might not want or need. 

According to the United States Humane Society, there are more than 38 million cat-owning households in the United States and most of those cats exhibit similar cat behavior. Taking time to figure out why your cat displays certain behaviors helps improve your relationship with your cat and their overall quality of life. Reach out to Regal Animal Hospital if you notice a strange, new cat behavior. We’re here to help!