During the summer months, the Florida sun is bright and the weather is nice. Getting outside with your pet can provide great bonding time for you both. Here are some outdoor activities for you and your pet to enjoy some fun in the sun.

Go for a Walk
A lot of people walk their dogs every day but some people don’t realize you can walk your cats too! Take your pet for a walk around the neighborhood or to a nature park for a hike. Make sure to have a leash of an appropriate length that’s comfortable for your pet. Leash walking gives you some control over your pet while giving them some space to roam.

Stay in the Yard
If you have one, your own backyard can be a space to utilize for outdoor activities for you and your pet. Take your pet outside to enjoy some of their favorite toys and games outside in the sun. If you don’t have a fence, keep a watchful eye on your pet to make sure they don’t run away.

Go to the Beach
This might be an activity where you leave your cat at home. Consider spending a day at the beach if there’s one near you. A lot of dogs enjoy spending time in the water. Again, make sure to keep a watchful eye on your pet to make sure they stay safe.

Outdoor activities can provide exercise and mental relief for you and your pet. When spending time outside, make sure to keep your pet hydrated and safe from harm. Contact Regal Animal Hospital for help on keeping your pet happy and healthy during the summer months.