October is National Animal Safety and Protection Month. This month serves as a reminder to pet owners about the responsibilities of owning and caring for pets. National Animal Safety and Protection Month helps raise awareness about these responsibilities and offers pet owners tips and tools for emergency or illness preparedness. 

Nobody wants to think about their furry family member falling ill or experiencing an accident. However, sometimes unexpected situations happen. Take careful steps to prepare for emergencies. 

Safety and Protection Tips

  • Proactive health: Practice preventive health with your pet. Keep your pet up to date with its immunizations. 
  • Pet-proof your home: Make your home a pet-friendly place. Make sure any toxic chemicals or choking hazards are far out of reach of your pet. 
  • Make your pet identifiable: Label your pet’s collar with clear contact information in case they get lost. Furthermore, consider microchipping for an extra safety measure. 
  • Learn basic first aid skills: Learn how to treat and care for your pet if they get minor injuries. Always take your pet to the veterinarian in more dangerous cases.
  • Emergency disaster plan: Put together an emergency disaster plan that includes your pet in case you need to evacuate your home quickly/ 
  • Know your pet: Learn the mannerisms and behaviors of your pet so you can tell if something is wrong. Know how to watch for signs of pain or illness to better treat their needs. 

National Animal Safety and Protection Month promotes safety when caring for both wild and domesticated animals Your pet plays an important role in your life. Therefore, treat them with care and respect. Taking steps to promote the safety and protection of your pet helps ensure they live a happy and healthy life.  Regal Animal Hospital in Lake Worth, Florida is dedicated to the safety and wellness of all animals. If you’re ever concerned about the health of your pet, contact us and bring them to us for quality care!