October 29 is National Cat Day. Created in 2005, it brings awareness to the number of homeless cats and reminds cat owners to celebrate their pets for the joy they bring in their lives. With this in mind, here’s how you can help homeless cats in Florida and celebrate National Cat Day!

If you have the means, adopting a cat from a shelter into a loving home is a great option. Because of the large numbers of cats in shelters and lack of space, a lot of cats are put to sleep. Know someone looking for a cat to add to their family? Suggest adoption instead of purchasing from a pet store. 

Adoption isn’t an option for everybody. However, if you can’t adopt, consider donating to a shelter or charity dedicated to helping cats. Donated money goes towards vaccinations, neutering and shelter for homeless cats. Additionally, donating cat food, cat litter, litter boxes and other supplies is another great way to help homeless cats. Contact your local animal shelter to find out what they need.

Fostering a cat is a form of temporary adoption. In short, a homeless cat stays with you temporarily for a dedicated amount of time. Use your time with the cat for introducing them to potential permanent owners and showing them as much love and attention that you can. Furthermore, fostering is a great way to help the shelters homeless cats they live in.

Some people don’t have the means for adoption or donation. However, volunteering your time is another way you can help homeless cats. Spend time at a shelter grooming, cleaning and just spending time with the cats. They’ll appreciate receiving your love and affection. Every little bit counts. 

Unfortunately, the number of homeless cats is increasingly high and many cats are living in shelters or on the streets or being put to sleep. However, even if you can’t adopt, there are many ways to help homeless cats. Looking for a vet near you for your cat? Bring them to Regal Animal Hospital in Lake Worth, Florida for quality care!