Fourth of July is a time of celebration. We remember to plan barbecues and find the best spot to watch fireworks but sometimes forget to consider our pets. Many pets are terrified of fireworks. The loud sounds and flashing lights cause them to panic and run away. Additionally. there are other hazards they are exposed to during the holiday. Follow these Fourth of July pet safety tips to keep your pet safe and calm during the festivities.

Keep Your Pet Indoors
If your Fourth of July celebration takes place outside, feel free to let your pet enjoy the nice weather until night. Once the fireworks begin, lead them inside to a comfortable space where they can’t injure themselves or run away. Check in on them periodically to make sure they’re okay. Play music to drown out the noise and give them a toy or treat to distract them. If they experience extreme signs of fear and anxiety, develop a plan to help calm them down. 

Stick to their Diet
Many people enjoy barbecue foods on this holiday. Although it might be tempting, avoid feeding your pet any human foods that may harm them. Foods that are dangerous for pets include beer, chocolate, onions, coffee, avocado, grapes, raisins and salt. Also, never leave your grill unsupervised. If your pet tries to snag food they could burn themselves. 

Heat Stroke
With July being one of the hottest months of the year, there’s a good chance the Florida sun will be out in full force on the holiday. If your pet is outside during the party, they might overheat and experience heat stroke. Make sure to have plenty of fresh, cold water available and shady spots for them to relax. Take them in the house if it reaches extreme temperatures to make sure they’re safe. 

Insect Control Safety
While they’re great protection for humans against insects, according to the ASPCA, oils, candles and other repellants are hazardous to pets. Inhaling these toxins can cause severe respiratory illnesses such as pneumonia and harm your pet’s nervous system. There might be more insects around than usual so make sure your pet is up-to-date on their shots. 

We at Regal Animal Hospital want your pet to stay safe on the Fourth of July. These Fourth of July pet safety tips are designed to keep them happy and comfortable. Your pets will appreciate the security of a safe and secure spot instead of being frightened by the fun.