August 26 is National Dog Day. National Dog Day is a day to celebrate every single dog, whether purebred or mixed. It’s also a day to acknowledge that there are many dogs that need to be rescued and adopted into loving homes. 

National Dog Day shines a light on the many dogs that bring joy and comfort into the lives and hearts of soo many people. Look at this day as an opportunity to recognize the impact of dogs and the positivity they bring to many people’s lives on a daily basis. For personal protection, through law enforcement services, for the disabled community, by detecting drugs and bombs and by helping in search and rescue efforts for victims of tragic events, dogs selflessly serve people every day. Working dogs help so many and National Dog Day is a reminder to be grateful for their dedication and service.

Many also celebrate the holiday as a birthday for dogs adopted on this day. The National Dog Day Foundation lends support to every variety and breed of dog. Potential dog owners are discouraged from purchasing a new puppy from unethical puppy mills and pet stores. Remember the thousands of lovable dogs that sit in animal shelters and rescue homes. The unconditional love you’ll receive from these dogs can turn every day into National Dog Day.

Even if you’re not a dog owner, you can still get involved on National Dog Day. Donate what you can or volunteer at your local animal shelter to provide care and support for the dogs still searching for their forever homes. What better way is there to say “thank you” to dogs than by giving them your time, love and affection? However you celebrate, remember Regal Animal Hospital is here to make sure your dog stays happy and healthy through every stage of its life.